Jun 022021

Very excited to be facilitating this even for The Psychedelic Society We will be offering practical techniques to engineer flow states through dynamic yoga, meditation and laughter yoga. This is a profound, silly and revitalizing adventure in joy. This is a collaboration with Martha Allitt (a fantastic yoga teacher) at PRSC. This has grown out of my work as a mental resilience trainer with Tough Cookie, as well as a performing artist. If you cant afford it, get in touch as we have some discount tickets.


Apr 082021

This is next week and you can register herehttps://prsc.org.uk/event/technologies_of_reenchantment/Learn practical skills to craft satire. Geek out on ancient traditions.

A creative workshop from award-winning author and comic Pete “the Temp” Bearder

How can we communicate heavy issues in a way that brings people in? This workshop is for writers of all abilities and genres who want to develop ninja skills to enchant, provoke and persuade.

Pete (the Temp) Bearder is a spoken word poet, comic and musician whose work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, The World Service and Newsnight. He is the former National Poetry Slam Champion and has performed around the world with organisations such as The British Council. His first collection ‘Numbered Boxes’ was published by Burning Eye Books in 2017, and in 2018 he was awarded The Golden Hammer Award for services to spoken word. This year he released a new book about performance poetics with Out-Spoken Press: ‘Stage Invasion: Poetry, Renewal and the Spoken Word Renaissance’.

Mar 182021

Boris the bumbling chuffwomble is trespassing on your land. His hair is unkempt. His behavior is unpredictable. His income is undeclared.

Watch him exploit his proletarian sidekick – like an evil Mr Blobby – in an attempt to “woo!” the crusty vote. Get your photo taken with the Prime Minister. Be part of the carnival of preposterousness.

Boris (a sound-alike, as well as a look-alike act) has appeared at comedy gigs, festivals, and protests across the land. Boris has even featured in the Guardian. The act comes with a solar-powered sound system on a cycle trailer. This is slapstick rumbunctious silliness for all the family.

The sound-system lends amplification to the Premiere, and comes with a satirical playlist.  Music can be turned off or down and the show can work day or night. The trailer is solar-powered, has disco lights, microphone and doesn’t require hard standing.

For more information contact

London, UK. 15th Oct, 2019. Extinction Rebellion protesters on a boat near Westminster Bridge with a Boris Johnson impersonator in London, UK. Credit: Vladimir Morozov/akxmedia.
Boris on the Colston Plinth, Bristol.
Feb 242021

As we enter the post-COVID comeback, meet the artistic revivals that have remade the world from the bottom up.

National Poetry Slam Champion Pete “the Temp” Bearder, brings to life the poetic movements that have shaped history. Find out why wordsmiths always been vilified, feared and revered, from the ballad singers and Beat poets, to the icons of dub, punk and hip hop. The spoken word has always been the most immediate tool of cultural revival. This show brings a proud history to life, and asks what we can do with it next.

Pete is an award-winning spoken word poet, author and comic. His work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, The World Service, and Newsnight. This show follows the release of his groundbreaking new book Stage Invasion: Poetry & the Spoken Word Renaissance.

‘A charming wild rumpus of a ride – part lecture, part performance and utterly engaging.’

(Tongue Fu)

‘A hugely popular event, the audience was constantly engaged and immersed’

(Raise the Bar)

‘I’ve never felt so validated in practicing the artform’

(Vanessa Kisuule)

‘It was gripping and comforting, a celebration of our roots, a reinventing of our groove, embracing international traditions and legendary trail blazers.’

(Hip Yak Poetry School)

Technical Specifications: Projection / sound / 1 x microphone. Length: 1 hr

Feb 142021

I am writing this short homage to pay respects to my partner in crime (and most cherished friend) who I toured with extensively in Europe. Claudio Stahl (aka “Donald Trumpet”) lost his life this month in Portugal. We met at Occupy London in 2011 and went on to live and work in Berlin doing street shows, and traveling Europe in his van as musicians.

Claudio was kind, intelligent, humble, and funny. One of my fondest memories is of a park in Leipzig, lying by the wood burner of his van, getting bedtime readings of the Tao te Ching and Alan Watts. Maybe Watts was right, and Claudio is now swimming in the eternal sea of consciousness, laughing in the realization of an existence without needs, limitations, separation, and suffering.

When we lose one of ourselves, we lose part of ourselves. And yet the self remains – burning in our chests, streaming down our faces, and asking us, somehow, to be more alive.

Thank you, Claudio, for all you ripened in us, and for continuing to teach us how to love. I will not forget you.

My deep sympathies go to his father, his brother, and all his family and friends.

Arnhem, Netherlands.
Warschauer Strasse, Berlin
Rembrantsplein, Amsterdam.

Jan 112021

I am giving free Mixed Mental Arts resilience training online for Lockdown 3.0

REGISTRATION: (for single 1 hr sessions only)

TUES 19th JAN: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUofuyhrT8tGtfPPnD1NB3de5q9at48QB7M

TUES 26th JANhttps://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYldOGqqjIjE9Eae5udTQj7dSjprlQysFMs

TUES 2nd FEB:https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAld-ihrjgqGNSSNVAfHoUGeucYCYr-WiaL


In 2020 we lost access to our social environments (e.g. work, pubs, attending birthdays etc.) and regular wellness rituals (gym, exercise classes, clubs, projects etc.) We are now in the midst of round three of lockdown, and this time it’s cold.

As individual and collective paranoia, confusion and overwhelm related to the pandemic intensifies, our psychological coping strategies are being put to the test. Only a tiny fraction of the adult population has any serious cognitive or emotional training whatsoever. Over half of the population have seen their mental health deteriorate, and the number of us experiencing depression is doubling.

It is vital that we equip ourselves with excellent cognitive, emotional and relational skills, to be resilient and navigate the pandemic skilfully. Lockdown Mental Resilience is a series of one-off, introductory sessions from Tough Cookie’s Mixed Mental Arts programme. Participants will be guided through a series of novel experiments to provide insight into how the mind works (and how it can work against us!). The training draws on the latest scientific findings from the emerging research field of mental resilience.


Tough Cookie supports organisations to prevent mental health problems in the workplace. Mixed Mental Arts has been taught in organisations including Facebook, Shell and the BBC. Mixed Mental Arts training came ‘Highly Commended’ by judges in the 2020 This Can Happen Awards, which celebrates excellence in workplace mental health strategy across Europe, Asia and North America.


As well as being a mental resilience trainer, Pete “the Temp” Bearder is an award-winning writer, performer and educator, whose work has been featured on national and international TV and radio.

Dec 092020

Chrismas Sale Price: £5.00 Original Price:10.00.

Award-winning poet Pete Bearder presents the unwritten history, science, and skill of spoken word and answers some strangely under-explored questions: What is the history of performance poetry in the UK? How does emotional contagion happen in live literature? What has spoken word got to do with hypnotism and ecstatic states? This groundbreaking book explores a thriving ecology of artistry, and how it can serve us for cultural, social and political renewal.

‘This is the book we have all been waiting for’ —Ian McMillan, poet and BBC Radio 3 presenter

‘Refreshingly light hearted, intellectually passionate and experientially sure footed’ —Liminalities, Journal of Performance Studies

Pete is an award-winning spoken word poet, author and comic. His work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, The World Service, and Newsnight. He is the former National Poetry Slam Champion and has performed around the world with organisations such as The British Council. 

Sale Price: 5.00 Original Price:10.00. http://www.outspokenldn.com/shop/stage-invasion

For a SIGNED COPY from my own stock, email your address to and wire £13.10 (or 16.61 Euro) to …


BACS: Mr Peter E Bearder / Sort Code: 08 93 00 / Acc. 25308538

IBAN: GB73 CPBK 0893 0025 3085 38 / BIC:    CPBK GB22

Nov 252020

In response to the isolation, anxiety, and uncertainty that so many of us are facing, I’ve decided to do these workshops pro bono. The first two Lockdown sessions were fully booked and were lots of fun. This is an open Zoom drop-in session that will equip you with practical tools and information on how to manage your noggin. It combines ancient wisdom traditions with neurological literature.


Weds 2nd Dec. 18:00-19:00: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZckfuyppjstGd0k4D6Zj7zw7Om_-C-LR2Qj

Tues 8th Dec. 18:00-19:00: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIucuCsqDMpGtcoM0VbEsROMSG3G9Cf1pPB

Nov 122020

Dear Friends,

A number of you have expressed an interest in the Mixed Mental Arts sessions I have recently started running.

As well as a performer, I am a mental resilience trainer for (the award-winning resilience trainers) Tough Cookie. This November I will give a series of (one-off) 1hr long sessions via Zoom, for free. The sessions will give you a set of psycho-technologies to skillfully manage your thoughts and emotions in this turbulent time.

Because of lockdown, these will be open to anyone who wants to join without charge. MMA is a download of ninja skills, combining ancient wisdom traditions with neurological and clinical literature.

It will be useful, whether or not you are new to mental resilience techniques, and I look forward to sharing the tools that have transformed my life.

This is the shed where I have been giving the sessions over the last 2 months to Bristol’s St Werburgh City Farm and others. Space for the online sessions is limited so get in touch early if you would like to join.

Participants can register for ONE of the following Zoom sessions:

TUE 24th NOV (18:00-19:00): https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYtcu-hrz0uH9Bl6rDWdFkI14U-uUVO4qdO

WED 25th NOV (18:00-19:00): https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIsc-qpqTssHtYA8DCNFIk9PkD7MpYURVDL

With love,

Pete “the Hominid Clinging to a Rock” in Deep Space.

Aug 282020

This summer it was a great pleasure to receive the support of Cape Farewell to publish new material on the subjects of climate change and COVID. Below is what came out of the project, some of the best work I have made to date. I worked alongside three other poets in the South West – Liv Torq, Shagufta Iqbal and Chris White. To find out more about #SIRENpoets and Cape Farewell visit https://capefarewell.com/sirenpoets.html