Below are interviews and live recordings I have made of UK spoken word artists (and touring non-UK poets) over a four year period. It is an attempt to record a discussion about the artform as it evolves at this exciting time: how it is taught? how and where it is written and performed? Some interviewees are established, some are up and coming. They were recorded for Indiefeed Performance Poetry Podcast which has now ended. That archive has one and a half thousand podcasts from around the world and is perhaps the world’s largest online resource and historical record for the art form (produced by the legendary Mongo Jolly). Here are the UK poets in chronological order. Enjoy.

David Lee Morgan (July 2015)
David Lee Morgan (July 2015)
David Lee Morgan (July 2015)
David Lee Morgan (July 2015)
Poet Curious (July 2015)
Harry Baker (June 2015)
Anna Freeman (June 2015)
Vanessa Kisuule (June 2015)
Will Greenaway (June 2015)
Antosh Wojcik (June 2015)
Steve Lakin (June 2015)
Malcolm Guite (May 2015)
Keston Sutherland (May 2015)
Dave Pepper (May 2015)
Jon Sands (March 2015)
Anthony Anaxagorou (Feb 2015)
Simon Mole (Aug 2014)
Salena Godden (Aug 2014)
Deanna Roger (Aug 2014)
St Pauls Academy (Aug 2014)
The Ruby Kid (Aug 2014)
Talia Randall (Aug 2014)
Kat Francois (May 2014)
Danny Chivers (May 2014)
Ben Mellor (May 2014)
Tian Sewell Morgan (Apr 2014)
John Osbourne (March 2014)
Joe Dunthorne (Feb 2014)
Sam Berkson (Feb 2014)
David Lee Morgan (Oct 2013)
Joelle Taylor (Aug 2013)
Zena Edwards (Aug 2013)
Clayton Blizzard (Jul 2013)
Tshaka Campbell (Jul 2013)
John Fluffypunk (Jul 2013)
Peter Kahn (Jul 2013)
Dredlock Alien (Jul 2013)
Ian Keteku (Jul 2013)
Kate Tempest (Jul 2013)
Mal Webb (Jul 2013)
Dizraeli (Jul 2013)
Kath McMahon (Mar 2013)
Rachel Amey (Mar 2013)
Jim Monaghan (Mar 2013)
Jenny Lindsey (Mar 2013)
Harry Giles (Mar 2013)
Susan Heron and Nikki Burns (Mar 2013)
Graeme Hawley (Mar 2013)
Claire Askew (Mar 2013)
Agnes Torok (Mar 2013)
Raymond Antrobus (Feb 2013)
Innua Ellams (Jan 2013)
Niall Spooner Harvey (Aug 2012)
Jive Poetic (Aug 2012)
Indigo Williams (Aug 2012)
Sophia Walker (Aug 2012)
Shane Koyczan (Aug 2012)
Harry Baker (Aug 2012)
Darian Dauchan (Aug 2012)
Buddy Wakefield (Aug 2012)
Andy Craven Griffiths (Aug 2012)
Femi Martin (Aug 2012)
Gerry Potter (June 2012)
MC Angel (Jun 2012)
Ross Sutherland (May 2012)
Bohdan Piasecki (May 2012)
Jessie Durrant (Apr 2012)
Dean Atta (Apr 2012)
SGB (Mar 2012)
Sh’maya (Mar 2012)
Charlie Du’Pre (Feb 2012)
Cat Brogan (Jan 2012)
Rachel Rose Reid (Nov 2011)
Joe Coghlan (Sept 2011)
Chris Redmond (June 2011)
Dizraeli (June 2011)
Ben Mellor (June 2011)