Mar 062022

Yoga – Laughter Yoga – Nonsense Yoga – Fooling (2hrs)

Welcome to the festival roadshow of Bristol’s regular Psychedelic Society event – Release Your Ecstatic Vibe. Expect heightened states in a profoundly silly adventure into divine nonsense. This is a unique exploration of the body and psyche, incorporating yoga, fooling, laughter practice, and improvisatory dramatics. Be revitalized in a space free of judgment. Find your inner child as we move, laugh, and make noise together. Win. 

“Incredible experience: holding, powerful and wholesome”

“Magical, lush and explosively silly!”

“The ultimate festival experience”

Pete “the Temp” Bearder is a poet, comic and laughter yoga instructor. He has toured around the world as a performer, and featured on BBC national and international radio and television.

Martha Allit is an events coordinator for the Psychedelic Society and a yoga teacher. Her background is in Neuroscience, and she is fascinated by the connection between spiritual practice, cognition, and altered states of consciousness

Specifications: This is suitable for all ages. No tech is needed. This can be done in a tent, but may have the widest reach in the open air during the day. We request this is featured on the festival programme and to not be near loud music.

Bookings: Contact – peteATpetethetempDOTcoDOTuk

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