Feb 142021

I am writing this short homage to pay respects to my partner in crime (and most cherished friend) who I toured with extensively in Europe. Claudio Stahl (aka “Donald Trumpet”) lost his life this month in Portugal. We met at Occupy London in 2011 and went on to live and work in Berlin doing street shows, and traveling Europe in his van as musicians.

Claudio was kind, intelligent, humble, and funny. One of my fondest memories is of a park in Leipzig, lying by the wood burner of his van, getting bedtime readings of the Tao te Ching and Alan Watts. Maybe Watts was right, and Claudio is now swimming in the eternal sea of consciousness, laughing in the realization of an existence without needs, limitations, separation, and suffering.

When we lose one of ourselves, we lose part of ourselves. And yet the self remains – burning in our chests, streaming down our faces, and asking us, somehow, to be more alive.

Thank you, Claudio, for all you ripened in us, and for continuing to teach us how to love. I will not forget you.

My deep sympathies go to his father, his brother, and all his family and friends.

Arnhem, Netherlands.
Warschauer Strasse, Berlin
Rembrantsplein, Amsterdam.

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