Feb 202019


Award-winning poet Pete “the Temp” Bearder presents the unwritten history, science and skill of spoken word. Stage Invasion answers some strangely unaddressed questions: Why was performance kicked out of the Kingdom of Poetry?  How does emotional contagion happen in live performance? What has spoken word got to do with hypnotism and ecstatic states? This groundbreaking book explores a thriving ecology of artistry, and how it can serve us for cultural, social and political renewal.
Stage Invasion is published by Out-Spoken Press and supported by Arts Council England . It will be touring the UK from Autumn 2019. For booking enquiries please contact 

Jul 242018


Satu Mare

Satu Mare







Ive just won the Grand Prize at the Romanian street music festival of Satu Mare. Its 1000 Euros and a huge sense if achievement for me. Thus is my 3rd street festival but I have been developing my work as a street performer for some years. Audiences in Transylvania are awesome. Thanks all the kind and talented people I met here, and my friends in tge street show family for your support and inspiration. Back this weekend for my double birthday celebration on Sat in Bristol. Cant wait xxx

Jan 232018
Hammer and Tongue National Final 2018

Hammer and Tongue National Final 2018

Very proud to have been awarded The Golden Hammer Award for services to spoken word at the Hammer & Tongue National Slam Final 2018 at the Royal Albert Hall this weekend. Well done slammers and crew. Much great poetry won and lost in a dramatic ritual of glorious nonsense. I collected data on over 120 poems which will yield statistical info on practitioners, subject matter and writing and performance devices for the book I am writing on spoken word poetry. Massive geek out